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Peninsula Multifaith Coalition Members Discuss Their Faith

September 26, 2020Real Talk San Mateo Ep. 5 – A Senior’s Perspective on Policing
with Jim Sell, Peninsula Multifaith Coalition Vice-President
August 7, 2020KQED: These Nuns Are Aging With Grace, and Each Other, to Lean On
with Sister Marguerite Buchanan of Sisters of Mercy
March 20, 2019PMC Speaker Series, 2019 Spiritual Growth Through Faith
Mustafa Balcioglu on Islam
March 13, 2019PMC Speaker Series, 2019 Spiritual Growth Through Faith
Mukta Vadera on Hinduism
February 11, 2018Presentation on the Sikh Faith (Sikhism)
by Gurpreet Singh of Sikh Gurdwara SSF
November 12, 2018Presentation on JCRC (Jewish Community Relations Council)
by Abby Porth of JCRC
September 17, 2018Presentation on The Sisters of Mercy
by Sister Marguerite Buchanan
June 11, 2018Presentation on the Lutheran Faith
by Pastor Joshua Serrano of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in San Carlos
April 9, 2018Presentation on the Baha’i Faith
by Nasrin Bashiri & Tanya Yavari
Powerpoint Slides
November 6, 2017Presentation on the UCC Faith
by Pastor Carol Barriger of Island United Church of Foster City
September 11, 2017Presentation on the Hinduism Faith
by Gaurav Rastogi of Sanatan Mandir
May 1, 2017Presentation on the Hizmet Movement and Recent Developments in Turkey
by Mustafa Balciogliu of the Pacifica Institute of Burlingame
January 9, 2017Presentation on the Episcopal Faith
by Father Thomas Skillings of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church of Burlingame
December 5, 2016Presentation on the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Faith
by Rev. Stefanie Etzbach-Dale
November 7, 2016Presentation on the United Church of Christ Faith
by Rev. Dr. Kibbie Ruth of Congregational Church of San Mateo
October 5, 2016Presentation on Jainsim – A Way of Life
by Girish Shah of Silicon Valley Interreligious Council
August 1, 2016Presentation of the Catholic Faith
by Father Mike Healy of St. Bart’s Catholic Church
June 2, 2016Presentation of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Faith
by Mujeeb Ijaz of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Silicon Valley
May 6, 2016Presentation on the “CoExist Banner” and Religious Pluralism
by Rev. Kristi Denham of Congregational Church of Belmont
March 7, 2016Presentation on the Shinnyo-en Buddhist Faith
by Reverands Leo Fan and Jay Gibson with Kyoko Lee
November 9, 2015Presentation on the Muslim Faith
by Imam Yilmaz Basak with Deanna & Volkan Kaya
August 10, 2015Presentation on Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Faith
by Sharman & Jim Blood, Desirae Barton of  LDS Church
June 8, 2015Presentation on Judaism
by Eli Taub of Jewish Community Relations Council
May 11, 2015Presentation on the Lutheran Faith
by Pastor Connie Winter-Eulberg of St. Andrews Lutheran
December 15, 2014Presentation of the Hindu Faith
by Dilip Amin of Sanatan Mandir