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We of the Peninsula Multifaith Coalition warmly welcome you and your faith house into our greater community as a Congregational Member. We ask that you, along with your faith house, understand and agree to fully participate in our activities and programs in the following ways:

  • Commitment to our mission:
    The Peninsula Multifaith Coalition brings together our diverse faith communities to build bridges of understanding and respect. We stand together with humility to acknowledge our common values, learn from one another and serve our wider world.
  • Commitment of faith leaders in supporting PMC activities with time and promotion in your faith house.
  • Active participation of a Liaison representing and voting on behalf of your faith house. This participation includes attendance at a majority of the General Meetings each year. Non-voting Associated Memberships are also available to interested members of Congregational Members.
  • Volunteer leadership for events and programs
  • Organizational participation in events and programs
  • Financial Support for events, programs and organizational overhead. The suggested financial commitment to PMC is on a fair share basis depending on the size of the Member Congregation:
1-50 faith house members$250
50-100 members$300
100-500 members$400 – $500
500-1,000 members$750
Over 1,000 members$1,000

If needed, there should be a willingness to provide funds for certain events and programs on a fair share basis. Fair share amounts may change in the future.

If a Member Congregation is financially unable to make suggested contributions it will not be denied membership if fully participating in other ways.

If your Faith House has not made their annual donation yet, please do so. You can send your donation to:

Peninsula Multifaith Coalition
135 West 25th Avenue
P.O. Box 6787
San Mateo, CA 94403

Or donate on our website:

The Peninsula Multifaith Coalition is a California 501(c)(3) Tax-exempt Organization