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In Remembrance 

“You can never have too many friends.”

Dick Heiman

This is so very sad. I think we are all shocked at how quickly this disease progressed and took Dick away from his family, his friends and all of us that truly cared for him. I think we can all be grateful for the tremendous influence for good that Dick was on each of us. And for the wonderful legacy of PMC that he leaves behind.

Rick Holbrook

My heart is heavy at the loss of Dick. He was one of the first persons I met at the beginning of our joining the coalition.
He welcomed everyone with open arms. His leadership will be sorely missed as will his presence. I and our Congregation will be holding his family up in much prayer as they mourn this great loss.
In God’s Loving Care, Peace and Grace,

Rev. Andrea Howard-Washington
Trinity Baptist Church of San Mateo

I would not have become as involved in the PMC if it weren’t for Dick, partly because it was impossible to say “no” to him because he was so passionate about the work that we were doing and inspired others to join him. When I chaired MLK Day, he was always there to offer support and advice whenever I needed it.  And I learned a lot about leadership and building relationships from him.  I really valued our special friendship through the years, and will miss him dearly.

Dana Izenson

It is such sad news. I am so sorry to hear this. Dick was a kind man with a very big heart and a deep desire for serving and respecting all of humanity. Wishing his family and friends a sense of comfort and peace at this difficult time and a sense of joy for the gift of having Dick in their lives.

Nancy Galli

I’ve been reflecting on Dick’s life and his many contributions to the world. I wrote about him in an op ed today for the San Mateo Daily Journal. I hope you find it to be a worthy tribute. Link to article

Sarah Fields

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for the heartfelt tribute to my friend Dick (Richard Heiman). I was already familiar with many of the wonderful things you mentioned about him, but reading your tribute brought forth even more cherished memories.

Dick held a pivotal role as one of the founders of the Peninsula Multifaith Coalition, an organization of which I currently serve as Director. It was through his introduction, during an Iftar dinner, that I became involved with this incredible community. Dick graced my home on several occasions, and we shared enriching conversations over cups of chai. His endorsement of my book, “Interfaith Marriage: Share and Respect with Equality,” on its back cover was a testament to his support to my work and encouragement.

What set Dick apart was his unique ability to forge genuine connections with people. Whenever we met, he unfailingly devoted the initial moments to engaging with my wife. Beyond simply sending out mass emails to gather individuals for social events, Dick would personally encourage a select group of leaders, urging them to invite others from their congregations. He had an innate talent for orchestrating social gatherings, exhibiting a CEO-like finesse. His absence leaves a void that we’ll keenly feel—a void shaped by the absence of his kind and generous spirit.

Dick’s legacy will endure through the countless lives he touched and the warmth he exuded. We will deeply miss this exceptional soul.

Dilip Amin

So sad.  Such a wonderful person.  What a loss!  He will be so missed.

Liz Olson

This is sad news and certainly hard to believe. I am glad I had some good conversation with Dick at the Prayers for Peace.

Diane Fahrner

I express profound sadness with all the Board members. I have attended so many PMC gatherings where Dick addressed the audience sharing his wisdom; his voice, honeyed and warm, clings to my ear.  

Dick was more than just the founder of PMC; he was its beating heart, its guiding light, and its unwavering champion. His vision of a community where people of all faiths and backgrounds could come together in understanding and cooperation blossomed under his leadership. He tirelessly nurtured PMC from its nascent stages into the vibrant tapestry of interfaith dialogue and mutual respect it is today.

The countless lives Dick touched through PMC are a testament to his legacy. He leaves behind a community where interfaith friendships flourish, where dialogue replaces division, and where compassion thrives. His absence will be deeply felt, but his spirit will continue to guide us as we carry the torch of interfaith understanding forward.

May his memory be a blessing, and may his work continue to inspire generations to come.

Ashis Khan

This is a great loss indeed. We will dearly miss Dick!

Jen Jacobson

What a loss for PMC not to mention his family. Dick was so supportive to me when I, a member of Trinity Baptist Church, joined this wonderful program. Now that I have moved to North Carolina, I continue to search for a church but I think of all the church participants I met with and learned from the meetings. So sad for the loss of Mr Heiman!

Diane Gillen